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ECCN Goods Classification training.
Lecturer: Jacek Jagielski

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ECCN Goods Classification training, 21.11.2003.
Lecturer Grzegorz Gawlik

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ICP training 03.06.2003r.
Lecturer: Joe Chuchla, US DOC representative

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ICP training, April 2003r.
Lecturer: Jacek Jagielski

Export Management Systems

Export Management Systems was founded in 2000 by a group of independent experts. Its business objective is to implement export and import control procedures and practices for goods relevant to national security. The need for such control stems from international arrangements and national regulations and calls for procedures and control mechanisms at the corporate level, which is referred to as the Internal Control Program (ICP).

EMS provides an extensive suite of software tools and services for implementation and maintenance of the internal control systems. These tools and services are addressed to both companies that wish to meet their export control obligations and governmental agencies that want to raise the knowledge database and expertise of their staff. Included in the EMS's portfolio is software for implementation and maintenance of export control systems and various training curricula. These can be customized to meet specific customer needs and range from short seminars for high-level executives to computer-aided hands-on exercises for export control administrators, internal and external controllers, goods classification officers, and other members of the organizations involved in export and import.

The unique part of the EMS's portfolio is integration of ICP with the ISO 9001/2000 standard. This offer is particularly designed for Polish companies as the regulations require them to have their ICP systems certified according to the ISO quality system standards.

The members of the board are Mr. Grzegorz Gawlik, Jacek Jagielski, and Jarosław Gaca. Their vast expertise, extensive technical background (all have at least PhD degrees and have completed specialized training seminars on trade control in the USA) and experience ensure high quality of the company's products. In their work they are supported by prominent specialists in the fields of education, ISO standards, and export control procedures from the Export Control Department of the Polish Ministry of Economy, Labor, and Social Policy, and from the US Department of Commerce. Their internal compliance program software was designed in a close partnership with the CTP (Commonwealth Trading Partners) company, which is a subcontractor to the US DOC BIS (Bureau of Industrial Security, Department of Commerce) and the Polish MoELSP.

The main products include:

1. The ICP software.
The software was designed as a collaborative product with CTP on behalf of the US DOC for the Polish MoELSP. It forms the focus of the governmental initiatives geared towards implementing of the ICP across private industry within Poland. Its objective is providing companies with knowledge of the export control regulations and presenting the model implementations of the Internal Control Systems. The software allows one to design standard procedures for handling goods of strategic relevance for national security and contains a suite of software tools that assist in performing standard processes such as goods classification, use of export control databases, and filling out of license application forms. In the future, the software can become a foundation for an electronic system for application transmission from the industry to the MoELSP.

2. Training of Export Control Administrators.

3. Training for ICP implementation teams.

4. Training for Goods Classification Officers on goods classification according to the ECCN control list.

Currently new training programs are anticipated which will be designed for shippers, customs offices and for the staff of organizations that have already implemented the ICP system.